Converting material component excess into accessible working capital remains an elusive goal in the global electronics industry and continues to burden many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies seeking to recover their investment in those assets. Additionally, the ill-advised temptation to hold material in the hope that greater returns can be realized over time is a flawed philosophy, and many companies end up losing more value in the long run with a “wait and see” approach.

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With CubeRecover, our customers are able to quickly and discreetly market their unused inventory to the appropriate audience to ensure maximal recovery and avoid channel conflict. We provide highly knowledgeable and dedicated personnel for timely, informed feedback coupled with some of the most favorable terms for revenue share agreements in the industry. Our global trade network can connect you with the optimal disposition solution; while keeping your broader availability ‘off the radar’ of the open market to avoid unnecessary value erosion.


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  • Aggressive shared revenue agreements
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable SMEs (Semiconductor Market Experts)
  • Warehoused or on-site consignment programs
  • Strategic material buy-back programs to reduce cost of carry
  • Lot/Line item bids for E&O surplus
  • Recycling & Scrapping services


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