CubeDiscover – **Coming Soon**

To maintain competitive advantage and preserve market share in a global electronics supply chain that has become increasingly complex and costly to manage, today’s technology manufacturing companies must possess end-to-end visibility to diverse, reliable and actionable data in an effort to accelerate response time and mitigate the impact of unforeseen/untimely, and disruptive environmental, socio-economic, political and geographical events.

Contact CubeDiscover ( to learn more about our proprietary data analytics platform for managing structured/unstructured data to provide actionable insights by Business User.

CubeDiscover will improve and strengthen our customer’s supply chains by providing greater and more timely visibility to relevant, accurate and actionable market data in support of supply continuity, part obsolescence, and surplus inventory management initiatives.

  • Informed global market analytics
  • Dedicated and highly knowledgeable/skilled SMEs (Semiconductor Market Experts)
  • Configurable dashboards by Business User
  • Organizing disparate and decentralized data for actionable market insights
  • Consolidation of structured and unstructured content
  • Price transparency for select commodities

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