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Despite best efforts to optimize material spend in the global electronics supply chain, leading manufacturers continue to face daunting challenges in attaining stated revenue and profitability goals for their materials management organizations. Unpredictable supply chain disruptions, continuity issues, competitive price pressure and contentious customer negotiations can often lead to under-performing earnings and erosion of shareholder confidence.

At Cube, we recognize the critical need to move quickly in response to unforeseen events in the electronics supply chain to mitigate risk exposure. We partner with many of the world’s leading technology companies to help them manage volatility across their supply chains and improve operational performance. Our highly skilled global network of SMEs (Semiconductor Market Experts) can help you avoid costly downtime scenarios and provide insightful analysis of your ‘bigger picture’ materials spend to drive recurring incremental margin capture.


  • Shortage support/Supply continuity services
  • Obsolete product support
  • Strategic cost reduction services
  • Comprehensive BOM/demand forecast analysis


  • Semiconductors
  • CPUs
  • Memory
  • Chipsets
  • Storage (HDD/SSD)
  • Computer Products/Peripherals
  • Finished Goods
  • Passives


  • EOL (End of Life) / LTB (Last time buy) program
  • Material Buy-back/Consigned Inventory program
  • VMI Scheduled order and lead-time buy program
  • Inventory financing

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    Comprehensive test certification process

    Quality Inspection and Test services include:

    • Bake and Dry Pack
    • Band Pull
    • Burn-in
    • Constant Acceleration
    • Coplanarity Inspection
    • Counterfeit Detection
    • C-SAM
    • Decapsulation
    • Device Programming
    • Die Shear Testing
    • Electrical/Functional
    • External Visual Inspection
    • Failure Analysis
    • Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
    • Heated Chemical Test
    • Hermeticity Fine/Gross Leakage
    • JAN/JANTX/JANS Screening
    • Solder Dip
    • Solderability
    • Solvents Testing
    • Tape and Reel
    • Temperature Cycle
    • Upscreening
    • X-Ray / Fluorescence