By registering with CubeExchange you can proactively manage many aspects of the account relationship online over a secured portal that will allow you to take full advantage of our highly liquid trade community.  Once your registration information has been reviewed/approved, you will receive a SSL login and password to access your account information and engage real-time opportunities from our global trade network.

To Register

Customer Benefits

  • Upload current demand files and BOMs (Bill of Materials) over SSL login
  • View current real-time availabilities
  • Calculate PPV on cost savings opportunities
  • Revise purchase pricing
  • Execute Buy orders
  • Track current order and shipment status
  • Request Sales Rep follow up
  • Analyze Requirement and Purchase history
  • Place re-buy requests
  • RMAs


Vender Benefits

  • Import availabilities over SSL login
  • Gain access to thousands of requirements from some of the world’s largest manufacturers
  • Place bids directly on CubeExchange
  • Track bid history and award status
  • Receive timely feedback on all offers
  • Manage consigned inventory


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