Trusted 3rd party Quality Assurance 

Uncompromising Quality!

The traditional approach to maintaining in-house resources in support of quality inspection process has become increasingly unsustainable, impractical and unreliable for many participants in the independent distribution space. Apart from the inherent conflict of interest that resides in having the same entity inspecting/approving the product that it sells; wide-spread and sophisticated counterfeiting techniques, escalating costs for operations, personnel, equipment and potential liability risks are making it more cost prohibitive to provide maximal quality assurance.

To enhance operating efficiencies and optimize risk mitigation, the CubeAssure program provides access to best-in-class third party service partners for Inspection and Testing. By leveraging the core competencies of these proven partners, CubeAssure offers unbiased and objective component authenticity analysis based on industry accepted best practice for a wide range of applications. This model allows us to focus our resources more on solving our customers supply chain issues and driving consistent value; while maintaining unparalleled/uncompromised inspection and test services.

Benefit to Your Business

  • Outsourced Inspection & Test to best-in-class service providers
  • Optimal risk mitigation and counterfeit avoidance
  • Leveraging core competencies of highly skilled/knowledgeable, certified and dedicated service personnel
  • Un-biased/objective inspection process to eliminate inherent conflict of interest
  • Reduced human capital costs/risks to enhance operating efficiencies that translate to greater cost savings
  • Regional partners (NA, EMEA, APAC) for quick turnaround

Supplier Management/Measurement Program

CubeAssure’s Supplier Rating System (SRS) applies a comprehensive and exhaustive interview/review process of all candidate and current suppliers to ensure compliance to our rigorous quality policy. Vendor selection and re-certification are determined by:

  • Comprehensive Vendor evaluation survey
  • Product adherence to form/fit/function data specifications
  • Ability to provide certificates of conformance and full traceability of product
  • Order accuracy
  • OTD (on time delivery) metrics
  • Quarterly vendor re-screening and performance management reviews
  • Continuous improvement and SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Request) responsiveness
  • Standing & Incident History in Industry trade organizations

Comprehensive test certification process

Quality Inspection and Test services include:

  • Bake and Dry Pack
  • Band Pull
  • Burn-in
  • Constant Acceleration
  • Coplanarity Inspection
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • C-SAM
  • Decapsulation
  • Device Programming
  • Die Shear Testing
  • Electrical/Functional
  • External Visual Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Fluorescent Dye Penetrant
  • Heated Chemical Test
  • Hermeticity Fine/Gross Leakage
  • JAN/JANTX/JANS Screening
  • Solder Dip
  • Solderability
  • Solvents Testing
  • Tape and Reel
  • Temperature Cycle
  • Upscreening
  • X-Ray / Fluorescence

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