Read our COVID-19 Statement

CUBE continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on global electronics supply chain operations. Our primary objective during this challenging time is to ensure the health and safety of our employees through strict adherence to recommended/required mitigation efforts and CUBE’s standard virtual workplace policies in support of business continuity.

For our Customers, CUBE’s best-in-class 3PLT (3rd Party Logistics & Test) model remains fully operational as mandated by the federal government, US Military & DoD. Our procurement teams are in regular contact with our extended global supplier network to minimize any supply chain disruptions that may have repercussions to our Customer’s orders. At this time we have experienced minimal delivery delays, but continue to see extended allocations for certain product categories as critical shortages continue to manifest relative to heightened demand from Medical and Healthcare sectors.

For more information on how CUBE can help your supply chain team navigate critical shortage requirements, please contact us at

Components Used to Build Electronics



Components Used to Build Electronics
Components Used to Build Electronics
Components Used to Build Electronics
Components Used to Build Electronics
Components Used to Build Electronics

CUBE is a leading provider of Supply Chain Solutions, Procurement Services, and Semiconductor Market Intelligence for global electronics manufacturing companies.

CUBE provides services that support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers, and Service & Repair operations with managing/mitigating material imbalances resulting from unforeseen supply disruptions and forecast revisions, optimizing electronics distribution spend through tactical cost reduction programs, maximizing RoA (Return on Asset) of excess component level and FGI (Finished Goods Inventory), and managing End of Life (EOL)/Last Time Buy (LTB) requirements to help limit unplanned material expenditures and improve cash flow.


Products & Services

CUBE offers a full suite of supply chain solutions to help mitigate material management issues and optimize spend in the highly competitive, cost-driven electronics manufacturing space.

Product Categories

  • Semiconductors
  • CPUs
  • Memory
  • Chipsets
  • Storage (HDD/SSD)
  • Computer Products/Peripherals
  • Passives

Procurement Services

With CubeTrade you can take advantage of our global trade network for critical production support, discreet cost reduction initiatives, EOL/LTB, and demand forecast spend analysis. 

Material Buy-back Programs

Move excess/idle production inventory off your books for resale and take advantage of our Material Buy-back program to cover unforeseen demand fluctuations.


Let CUBE work with your supply chain teams to structure optimal on-site/virtual or proximal warehousing to ensure your excess inventory is strategically located for easy recovery to fulfill changes in production demand and minimize shipping costs.

Recycling and Scrapping

Let CUBE help you dispose of aging scrap through one of our proven partners and recover critical working capital from unwanted material.

Excess Inventory

Post your Excess & Obsolete material to CubeExchange and enjoy the most competitive revenue sharing terms in the industry.  CUBE can also proactively market your idle inventory for maximal recovery with CubeRecover.